Allah’s Love

If Your love for me was an ocean, I would be found drowning in it, down onto the sea bed, in the midst of peqrls and diamonds.

If Your love for me was a bed of roses, I would be a rose myself, far away from the thorns on the stalk, with a pleasant scent and beauty to behold.

If Your love for me was a mountain, I would be at it’s peak, where the snow forms a carpet

But Your love for me cannot be compared

Not to the wideness of the ocean

Not to the beauty of the rose

Not to the height of any mountain



Breaking, Shattering

Into countless pieces, Gather up my bits

Fix me up with the pearls, Of faith and guidance

Healing, Rising

Soaring  into the skies, with wings wide open

Feed my soul the necter, of love and happiness
Omaima writes🍃

Quote of the day.


from the character of the believer is 

strength in religion, 

determination with leniency, 

faith with certainty, 

eargerness for knowledge, 

sympathy with understanding,

moderation in worship, 

mercy with effort, 

giving to those who ask, 

not wronging the one he hatess, 

not sinning over the one he loves,

dignified in turmoil, 

grateful in ease, 

content with what he has, 

speaking to impart understanding, 

being silent out of caution and

affirming the truth as a witness over him”


On Opinions

We are all entitled to our own opinions and everyone should be allowed to voice his/hers without being judged or criticized. We all have gone through different experiences in life and our backgrounds differ. These are some of the factors that makes us see and perceive certain issues differently from others.

This doesn’t mean we are right while others are wrong and vice versa. It only means that we are voicing our opinions from our own point of view. When we realise this, we will see that there is no need for spending time in argument trying to prove ourselves right.

Ultimately, is goes down to us sometimes agreeing to disagree. That way we will not have to hurt others or let ourselves be hurt.

Omaima writes🍃 

You matter, so does your feelings.

The same set of people that will encourage you to speak up when they hurt you or do something you do not like are the same people that will feel angry when you do. They will fake to be hurt, they will look for ways to justify themselves if not even deny your allegations. 

They will look for excuses for their actions. These same people will not apologise for their wrongdoings neither will they feel sorry for what they have done. Most of them would rather stop talking to you or walk out of your life completely rather than seek reconciliation.

These are the kind of people that make you feel you don’t matter, your feelings do not matter, you don’t have the right to speak up for yourself. They expect you take all their dramas and wickedness, keep smiling like a Cheshire cat and pretend all is well when all is not.

You have to know that people do not have to apologise to be wrong. And you do not need an apology to move forward. Just move forward without them. Do not surrender your truth but do not keep the argument going. There is just no point.

Omaima writes🍃

From me to you

Assalamu alaikum. 

Today i just want to say some words from the depth of my heart. In the world we live today where individuality is heavily frowned at, like we all expect everyone to be the same, to look the same, to behave the same way.

The few people who chose to be different suffer in the hands of others. They are abused, molested, hated, fingers are pointed at them and they are labeled. As a muslimah and one who is on the path of healing( from wounds inflicted by those who feel they are perfect and anyone less than that should suffer) I know how it feels like.

We may be miles apart, from different countries, continents, races, tribes, religions but we are all humans. And we all should be allowed to live with our own uniqueness. I want you to know that;

You are beautiful in every sense of the word, mind, body and soul. You are amazing, you are strong and you deserve happiness now and always. You have fought you have tried and you have risen above all the hate.

You have been wounded, though the scars still remain but you have survived the pains. There is nothing you can’t achieve, there is no mountain you can’t climb, there is no ocean you can’t cross, no fear can stop you and no failure can knock you down In Sha Allah.

Have faith in Allah and know that “with every difficulty there is a relief” (6:94).

Love yourself, love who you are, your past, your present… And above all love Allah. He will see you through.



Khushu is an Arabic word which refers to humilty or humbleness while offering salah. It is the presence of the heart during an act of ibadah. When a person’s heart is fully occupied of what he says or hears, he is in a true state of khushu.

Salah is the key to our success in this world and the next. When our salah is in good condition, we’ll notice that all the other aspects of our lives fall into place with ease.

“It is the believers who are successful: those who humble in their prayers”(23:1-2).

When the heart is full of khushu, the limbs also become obedient in humility to Allah. When our minds are distracted, concentration and humilty in salah decreases. We can now say that it is the heart that causes khushu to increase or decrease.

The quality of our humility and presence of heart and mind in salah largely depend on what we are preoccupied with outside of salah. It is important that we are always conscious of Allah (Taqwa) at all times. 

We should also know that khushu does not remain at the same level all the time. It fluctuates, for this reason we must strive consistently to perfect our humility in salah.


  • Whenever you feel that your khushu is not up to it’s mark, immediately do something about it.
  • Read helpful articles and assess the quality of your salah weekly.
  • Ask Allah to help you develop a good amount of khushu in salah.
  • Increase in Islamic Knowledge under the guidance of Islamic teachers and scholars.
  • Always strive to pray on time and plan life around salah timings and not the other way round. Priotize pleasing Allah over pleasing people.
  • Say “Aa- udhubillahi min As-shaitanir Rajim” before starting the salah and during the salah when needed.
  • The moment you visualize that the heart and mind have wandered off, try to bring your attention back.
  • Read the translation of the Qur’an in order to understand all the surahs that you recite during salah.
  • Remind yourself that you are standing in front of Allah, pray as though you see Him, and if you cannot do that then be aware that He is definitely seeing you.
  • Be wary of sticking to your salah particularly in times of distress.
  • Help children develop humility and concentration from a young age. Inspire them to come to salah.
  • Maintain a good pace between salah actions, giving some seconds per action.
  • Make your sujood a bit longer, recite dua’s in it and also before final tasleem.
  • Perform every salah as you would perform your last salah.
  • After each salah, develop a habit of reciting the supplications as recommended by our Prophet peace and blessings be upon him.
  • Do not lose hope or give up if these tips do not work at first. You will gain khushu when you are consistent In Sha Allah.
  • For further reading you can dowload a free e-book “Humility in Prayer” by Daar-us-Sunnah Publishers, Birmingham.

Oriflame series: Hair care products.

Assalamu alaikum. 

I promised to be sharing some posts about oriflame’s productis and  I am starting with their hair products. Our hair is one very important part of our body, as it is said “the hair is the crown of a woman”. So our hair needs our attention and care also. 

But before I go further I would like to tell you guys a few things about the brand itself. Oriflame is a Swedish company, having spent 51 years in existence with branches all over the world.Their products are made from natural ingredients which are biodegradable and are completely safe for you and the environment. Here we go:

  1. Love Nature wheat & coconut oil shampoo, conditioner and hot oil: This product is particularly for dry hair types. Wheat protein contains “protecting peptides” that forms a protective sheild on the hair surface. Coconut oil has excellent conditioning & nourishing properties on the hair. If you are battling with dry hair I would recommend this. 

2. Love Nature coconut oil: This hair oil replenishes dry hair leaving it soft and naturally shiny. It also helps to reduce dandruff leaving the scalp clean and healthy. 

3. HairX Volume Boost Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner: This gives you a thicker, healthier and fuller looking hair. The shampoo cleanses and adds luxurious volume while the conditioner detangles and gives hair instant volume.

Well readers this is the end of this post. Am not even sure if I shouId be doing this plus I will love to know what you all think about this post, so please comment. It will really help me to keep up with the series. Thanks a lot

All images were gotten from Instagram:@Oriflame.

Omaima Writes🍃

AYATUL-KURSI (Verse of the Throne)


Allah! There is no god but He, the Living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal. Neither slumber nofrommeep can seize Him. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on earth. Who is he that can intercede with Him except with His permission? He knows what (appears to His creatures as) before or after or behind them. nor shall they compass anything of His knowledge except that which He wills. His throne extends over the heavens and the earth and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them. And He is the Most High, the Most Great.(2:255)

Virtues of Ayatul Kursi:

  1. Allah’s Greatest Name, if He was supplicated with it, He answers the supplication, is in three surahs Al-Baqarah, Al-Imran and Ta-Ha. Hisham bin Ammar, the khatib (orator) of Damascus (one of the narrators in the above narration) said, “As for Al-Baqara, it is in: Allah! There is god but He, the Living, the Self-subsisting.
  2. There is a chief verse in the Qur’an, none will recite it in a house while shaitan is inside it, save that it will come out of it; it is the verse of the Throne. Reported by Al Hakim and Al Bayhaqi from Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him.
  3. Whoever says it in the evening, he will be protected from devils until morning, whoever says it in the morning he will be protected from devils until the evening. An Nisa’i and Tabarani
  4. If Ayatul kursi is recited and blown on one’s belongings or children, the shaitan will not dare come even near such belongings and the children.
  5. The Rasul sallallahu alaihi wasallam said”Whoever reads Ayatul Kursi after each obligatory prayer,there is nothing which prevents him from entering paradise except death”Al Bayhaqi

Facts about me..

Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are good lovelies. I decided to write a few things about myself so here it goes.

  1. I am a bookworm. I literarily am obsessed with books. Hardcopy, softcopy or anycopy you will always find me with a book. So please if you have any book you can do without send it my way. 🙏🙏 
  2. I love arts and crafts, painting, drawing, writing, poetry and anything that has to do with the arts. Its a hobby actually.
  3. Pineapple 🍍 is my number one, any day, any time. I can’t get over the sweet and sour taste it has.😋
  4. I am arachnophobic (it means I have fear for spiders and any creature with eight legs and above). I feel jitters writing this!!! 
  5. I am an oriflame consultant, I recommend and I sell oriflame’s products. If you haven’t tried any of their products please do, you won’t regret it plus their fragrances are out of this world😘.I will be posting on some of their stuffs soon In Sha Allah.
  6. I genuinely love kind people. Its an easy way to get me🙈🙈. Little acts of kindness melts my heart.
  7. I have a major in Polymer and Texile engineering. Like I know a lot about fibres, fabrics, dyes and what not.
  8. I am an introvert by nature, so its mostly myself, God and a few amazing people. I have been hurt in the past so I keep my circle small but I love meeting new people and I cherish the idea of making new friends. But I am scared.
  9. I am really good at keeping things.I legit have most of my toys from childhood, I still have one of my dresses from babyhood, letters I got from friends at grade school…you can name it.
  10. I have allergic rhinitis which means I have zero tolerance for dust, pollen grains and the likes. Whenever the weather is dusty or foggy I try to stay in doors unless when necessary else I come up with a flu.

    Have I lost count? Nope. This is basically some few things about me. Do we by any chance share anything in common or do you have any questions? Leave a comment? Much love💜💜 

    Omaima writes🍃