Self development process: TAZKIYA

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Rasul sallallahu alaihi wassalam said: ” If someone wants to know what position he enjoys in the Eyes of Allah, he has only to look at what place he gives to Allah (in his heart and life). ~Hakim


*Attaining Allah’s pleasure

*Attaining Paradise

1st step to Paradise:-

*Break from the past

*Choose a new life

*Begin a new journey

The mission is to become:

*Mumin: one whobis true and firm in his faith in God

* Mujahid: one who strives his utmost, with all the means at his disposal to gain Allah’s pleasure.


1. Your personal responsibility: Take charge of your life. Know that the key to success is true faith. Have a sound knowledge of the Qur’an and sunnah. Translate knowledge into practice. Have firm resolve and determination.

2. Genuine Effort: in fulfilling your obligations as a muslim. Not giving up when things become difficult.

“Be not, then, faint of heart, and grieve not: for you are bound to rise high if you are believers” (3:139)

3. Sustaining willpower ( Irada): It requires strenght and consistency. You should not have doubt and do not hesitate. Have a firm resolve to seek the pleasure of Allah.

4. Reliance on Allah: Trust Allah, have self confidence, hope sincerely in Allah and always have determination.

5. The best use of time: time is not money or gold; it is life and it is limited. So make best use of your time and always aim for execellence in all you do.

Remember: “the deeds most loved by Allah are those done regularly, even if they are few” ( Bukhari, Muslim)


Oh Heart!!!

Oh heart ! You desire this dunya, with all its glitters. But it will never fill you. The more you get the more you crave.

Oh heart! You desire to be famous, to be known by all. But it will never raise you. The more you are lifted the more you fall.

Oh heart! Desire that which is everlasting. To be loved by Allah. It will liberate you. It will set you free.

Omaima writes.

12 things we cling to that block our inner peace (2)

7. SEPARATION: when you accept that there is no barrier between you and everything else, you can begin to appreciate things for what they truly are. Fear subsides and you stop fighting against what is outside because you that outside and inside are meaningless concepts.

8. BELIEFS: your beliefs are not some innate product of your being, they are shaped by your environment. Your parents, your teachers, that time you fell off the swing as a child. When you realise that your beliefs and values are not really yours, you can detach from them. Then you are able to view the reality around you and not some augmented version.

9. PEOPLE: they say “if you love someone, let them go” and these are wise words indeed. It doesn’t mean they cannot be a part of your life but it means that you should be prepared for a time when they are not. It means that you should let go on your dependency on them to make you feel complete.

10. MATERIAL POSSESSIONS: too many of us define our success and happiness by the quality and quantity of the things we buy. No personal belonging is Worth the kind of charged emotional energy we pour into it. If we should lose everything we have, we are no less of a person than we ever were before.

11. TIMETABLES: society expects us all to have a crystal clear plan for our future and a timetable to go with it. We cannot lay claim to our fate in it’s entirety. Things will not always go to plan. “Queen sera, sera”

12. SECUIRITY: we want to feel safe, we want stability. We cling to the security of ourselves, our jobs, our homes, our finances, our loved ones and our freedom. We fear change because it puts our security in jeopardy. Or we think it does. By living a life dominated by a sense of security we overlook the sheer abundance that exists all around us. By fearing loss we miss out on all gains.

Dear Beautiful

I hope you fall in love with yourself

I hope you pick flowers, dance in the rain, read books and realise that there is more to life than trends and people’s opinion of you.

I hope you feel pursued, accomplished and successful.

I hope you have the best of friends.

I hope you make memories that will last a life time.

I hope the only hurt you feel is from laughing hard.

I hope you know the joy of genuine happiness and love.

I hope you understand you can be anything you dream of if you work hard and pray.

I hope you think less about the things that could change.

I hope you are the change.

12 Things we cling to that block our inner peace. (1)

1. LIFE: If you grip life too tightly, you stifle and restrict it. Yes, keep active, eat healthy, avoid negative habits and addictions, do things that keep your body and mind working as best as they can, but do not resist the passing of time and the inevitability of your physical death. If you fear death, you feqr life. Life passes in the blink of an eye

2. PERMANENCE: Like life everytHing must come to an end. Everything you base you base your life around is but a fleeting ripple in the ultimate reality. Things come and things go. When an unwelcome event befalls you, remember that it too will end.

3. THE PAST: Yesterday is gone, never to return. Don’t mourn it’s passage and wish yourself back there. As for past events that caused you pains, look for lessons, but relinquish the hold they have over you. Say goodbye to regret, remorse and guilt.

4. FEELINGS: As with the joy or pain of the past, so all feelings should be considered transient. Positive, negative or neutral. We add fuel to our own anger and sadness by letting events replay over in our minds.

5. EXPECTATIONS: we humans have a capacity to think and plan forward in time, we dream, we wish, we hypothesize, we expect. If our expectations are reigned with realism and an acceptance of uncertainty, we woulf greet each new event with a more tolerant and open eye. If you get upset whenever someone does or says something you don’t like you will live your life defined by others and suffer accordingly.

6. SELF: the only true way to define yourself is through negation. You can only say what you are not. And by cutting the strings that bind you to your identity as a self you can be free from the burden of being some “one” and enjoy the reality of just being.


The importance of peace of mind in ones life can never be over emphasised. You might live in mansion, wear the finest silk, eat elaborate meals and have a huge bank account but if the feeling of security, freedom, peace and tranquility is not present, you will feel like the poorest person on earth.

With peace of mind, you are able to grow, flourish and live a purposeful life.

With peace of mind, you are able to concentrate more on your responsibilities, duties and obligations.

With peace of mind, life becomes more bearable, easy and simple.

With peace of mind, you are able to see, feel, learn, love and embrace all.

So, if a job, spouse, environment, situation or anything at all tempers with your inner peace LET IT GO

It is better to live in a mud hut, with little to eat, good health, sanity and the Love of Allah than to live a life full of luxuries but chaos within.

Choose peace of mind, now and forever.


On Change

We fear change because we are afraid of what it will bring along with it.

Our heart fears that it might suffer, we fear what others will say, we fear we might fail and that is why we run away from reality.

Sometimes we know the right path to follow or the right decisions to make but we become reluctant because of fear.

We tend to live in the bleakness of the past and the uncertainty of the future, we refuse to embrace the present.

But how do we know if we don’t ask? How do we grow if we don’t plant ourselves in the first place.

And it is only by living in this moment that we are able to accept who we truely are and what our life purpose is. Sometimes that first step is all you need to set your path to happiness.

Worry ends where faith begins.


Allah’s Love

If Your love for me was an ocean, I would be found drowning in it, down onto the sea bed, in the midst of peqrls and diamonds.

If Your love for me was a bed of roses, I would be a rose myself, far away from the thorns on the stalk, with a pleasant scent and beauty to behold.

If Your love for me was a mountain, I would be at it’s peak, where the snow forms a carpet

But Your love for me cannot be compared

Not to the wideness of the ocean

Not to the beauty of the rose

Not to the height of any mountain


Breaking, Shattering

Into countless pieces, Gather up my bits

Fix me up with the pearls, Of faith and guidance

Healing, Rising

Soaring  into the skies, with wings wide open

Feed my soul the necter, of love and happiness
Omaima writes🍃

Quote of the day.


from the character of the believer is 

strength in religion, 

determination with leniency, 

faith with certainty, 

eargerness for knowledge, 

sympathy with understanding,

moderation in worship, 

mercy with effort, 

giving to those who ask, 

not wronging the one he hatess, 

not sinning over the one he loves,

dignified in turmoil, 

grateful in ease, 

content with what he has, 

speaking to impart understanding, 

being silent out of caution and

affirming the truth as a witness over him”